Global markets continued to rally throughout the month of July, with investors brushing off Brexit concerns and focusing on favorable economic and market data. Domestic equities generated strong results, with gains broad-based across sectors and market capitalizations on improving earnings and continued strength in job gains. Energy stocks were a modest detractor during the month, as crude oil prices weakened due to heightened inventories and production increases. Abroad, European and emerging market equities also experienced significant gains while investment grade and corporate bonds continued to benefit from declining global interest rates.

When it comes to protecting your digital identity, your first, and often only, line of defense is sadly something we’ve all grown to detest: the dreaded password.  A password or a PIN are required for nearly everything we access these days.  Whether you are simply checking an email or accessing your bank account from you mobile device, the list of passwords we’re forced to maintain seems to grow by the day.  This exhausting process of creation, memorization, update and repeat, is sometimes more than we can handle and often leads to password fatigue.